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Long Beach Airstream Self-Help Video Series


The SCOTOMAVILLE Self-Help Video Series guides participants from a base awareness of blind spots, illusions, and cognitive biases, into a practical understanding of day-to-day emotions, stressors, and false narratives aimed at misleading us with directives, recommendations, alarming news, popular memes, and much more, Participants are shown how to use storytelling as a Superpower rather than Kryptonite to change their trajectory and make better progress summiting their Personal Everest by strengthening their independence and resisting the constant offer of 'Bread and Circuses'.

By analogy; SCOTOMAVILLE equips an 'Expedition' - which is defined as a 'Journey with a Purpose'. As Explorers, we rarely head out of our comfortable tent with sufficient experience, guidance, and resources. We seem to be naively hopeful - much like the Fiat 500 on the cover. Without a modern minyan, we venture unguided with our belongings strapped to our back and little awareness of the conditions ahead. By example, Daniel demonstrates that when we fully commit, all sorts of things happen, providing insights, direction, and resources to transform the life we were handed into a life we design. The 'Expeditions' that SCOTOMAVILLE facilitates provide a sustainable and self-reinforcing pattern of personal growth and healing. You can ask Daniel's wife Angelina about that!

The SCOTOMAVILLE Self-Help Video Series proposes that the story we tell ourselves, by gaming our own cognitive biases, when combined with wellness habits like restful sleep and feeding our guts provides the history and energy to overcome multi-faceted challenges. For parents and leaders, it delivers the first-hand experience to effectively guide others to discover their blind spots and champion their character growth.


A Self-Help Video Series for Long Beach Airstream Owners



We don't see things the way that they are. We're 100% wrong 50% of the time. Through exersizes and demonstrations you will see your failures as normal, and stop believing you are singled out and alone to face hardships and difficulties.

Your Scotomas | 11:19
Pattern Recognition | 10:16
Misperception | 5:26
Scarcity | 17:04
Abundance | 15:21
Heiroglyphics | 16:48
Onion Peeling | 19:31
Fixation | 24:49
Emotional Vocabulary | 18:56
Creating Silence | 13:00
Feed Your Gut | 13:51
It Needs Work | 12:36
Strengths Offender | 19:44
Triangulation | 18:31
Curves | 15:38


An expedition is a journey with a purpose. With new AWARENESS tools in hand, you'll watch Daniel and Angelina overcome numerous challenges, on top of the Pandemic. You'll see the mental tools applied to obstacles, and mimick practices that will slowly change your trajectory, and ultimately, your destiny. Daniel demonstrates the tools in action - applied to events as they come up.

Seque | 15:37
Prelude | 9:15
Persistence | 24:04
Process | 21:37
Expectations | 21:22
Patience | 20:33
Preparation | 24:37
Setbacks | 19:27
Strategy 1 | 21:41
Strategy 2 | 20:51
Subtleties | 24:47
Squalls | 22:00
Satisfaction | 22:57
Self Care | 29:23
Stories | 25:26

Volume 2 demonstrates the mental awareness tools of the first book applied to experiences so you can learn by observation in order to mimic. The passenger door latch of their new F150 refuses to work, and the recall of millions of vehicles confirms things are always complicated for Daniel.

It turns out that some diffuse time leads him to discover the root of the problem, and it has something to do with Angelina's failed efforts to get the dealer to finish the vehicle registration paperwork during the pandemic.

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When I was 10, the little guidance I could find came to my driveway inside a book mobile. Hidden inside the pages of a Danny Dunn book I found clues that might change the life I was handed into an adventure. In my 30’s self-help books and cassettes were like sturdy ladders spanning mental crevasses I faced as an adult. They gave me passage to a future I couldn’t imagine alone. This self-help video series is the outcome of the dreams put in my head by the Danny Dunn Series.



Today, the question isn’t where to find guidance, it’s about which guidance is authentic? Who has evidence to back up their advice? This is my evidence. I’ve replaced affirmations in the mirror of a Bambi with a smartphone and an 30' Airstream Globetrotter. You’ll watch my journey through the pandemic in 45 video episodes. By editing and binge-watching my own behavior, I saw attitudes and beliefs that were being gamed by others. I also saw reasonable evidence for you to test my claims by climbing a ‘Personal Everest’ of your own. My expedition began in Scotomaville. So will yours.

AI and the algorithms they work with want to know your whereabouts, your interests, your aim, and your abilities better than you do. Then they can recommend your next purchase, your next move, your next relationship, your next movie... better than you. It's a full-out competition to know thyself. That's why I created Scotomaville.

Why bother? Why make the effort to create a self-help video series and full-color workbook for Long Beach Airstreamers? Easy - so you don't fumble the way I did. Knowing WYDWYD is far better than WD40!

Daniel Comp Scotomaville Author/Curator


Challenge Your Personal Everest

The Greatest Expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding. I invite you on that journey!


Abilities not used are wasted.


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